The Events of 1915

The Events Of 1915 On Today’s World Agenda Today

After almost half a century following the events of 1915, a new historiography movement was derived from the pain of the past. It is of significance that this movement aiming at narrating the events from the perspective of the Armenians and to popularise them internationally took shape in a bi-polar world order. During the 1960s with the initiative of Armenian population living in the USSR, the events of 1915 started to be introduced to the world agenda. This campaign against Turkey, who sided with the Western world during the Cold War and played a vital role in the security of the West, has been an important challenge and area of struggle.

The smear campaign that started within the USSR soon spread globally to Armenian groups, fueled radicalism and caused violent acts against Turkey and Turkish identity. Painful for Turks to remember, Armenian terrorist groups conducted heinous attacks to draw worldwide attention to their claims. Thirty-one Turkish diplomats and family members were cruelly murdered by Armenian terrorists in perceived retaliation for the events of 1915.